Attic Clean Outs and Feces Removal Services

Attic Clean Out Services

Attic clean out services are crucial in allowing your attic insulation to properly do its job. Attic insulation needing restoration is insulation that has been crushed, smashed and matted down, not allowing air to properly become trapped to provide an insulation barrier. It is proven that energy costs can rise up to 50% by not having a properly insulated attic.

Causes of damaged attic insulation are typically due to animal damage. Bats, birds, squirrels, and raccoons are all nuisance animals that cause extreme animal damage to attic insulation from feces accumulation and nesting to crushing and matting down insulation as that walk back and forth.

Bat Guano Removal

Bat infestations in attics are not only a concern for destroyed insulation, but also a health concern as well. Bat feces, or guano, carries spores that cause lung disease if inhaled. These spores are called histoplasma capsulatum, and the condition is called histoplasosis. Bat guano has a very pungent ammonia smell and can accumulate to expansive piles multiple feet in height, spanning across the entire length of the attic space. Because of the added health risk on top of the insulation damage, bat guano removal and attic clean out services are covered by insurance policies. Before bat guano removal can be performed, the bat colony must be legally removed with humane methods. Bats are a federally protected species that are crucial to our environment.

Bat removal is done by sealing the exterior of the home and placing bat excluders over the bat’s main entry points. These are located by guano and urine in the openings. Bat excluders are a device that allows the bats to freely fly out one way, yet not reenter. Bat removal can also be done with various other methods, however excluders are the most common.

Bird Nesting Removal

Many would never guess the amount of nesting birds can accumulate inside of an attic or soffits. Nests at times reach the height of a full grown man and will span across an entire attic space as well if the problem has been given enough time to reach this level. Needless to say, this destroys an entire attic, ruining all of the insulation. Bird nesting not only destroys attic insulation by smothering and crushing it, it also presents hazards of mites and diseases that birds carry as well as the unavoidable situation of dead birds accumulating through out the attic. These bird nests can also trap moisture leading to mold growth and softened drywall, that eventually will collapse under the weight of the bird nesting accumulation.

Another animal damage restoration scenario with bird nesting is pigeons. Pigeons droppings also carry the same hisplasmosis, lung disease causing spores as bat guano does. When pigeons have taken up residence in an attic, the entire area will look as if it were painted white with droppings. This is health hazardous and well as damage causing.

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